Joe Jonas left surprised after kind gesture for Nathan Fielder

Joe Jonas left surprised after kind gesture for Nathan Fielder

Joe Jonas bought Nathan Fielder a drink, and he sent back something very unexpected that left the singer surprised.

The Jonas Brothers frontman, 34, narrated the story on his Instagram posts on Saturday, recalling his hilarious interaction with the Nathan for Your star, 40, at Donna’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

“So last night, I noticed Nathan Fielder was at the same restaurant I was having dinner at in L.A,” Jonas began the fun story time, giving a shout out to the Italian restaurant.

Wanting to send Fielder a drink, the What a Man Gotta Do singer put in the request with the server, who noted that Jonas had good taste, which validated the musician and his “love of all things Nathan Fielder.”

The waiter obliged, and actually brought back something for Jonas from Fielder.

“And he sent back, as a thank you, mayonnaise,” Jonas amusingly recalled, his lips pursed into a mischievous grin.

As proof, the former Disney star also attached a picture of the said container of mayonnaise, before the story time abruptly and hilariously cut off.

Fans seemed to enjoy the casual story time format that Jonas seems to have recently adopted, with one fan quipping in the comments, “So this is what it’s like to facetime you.” 

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