Kanye West under fire for bragging about sex with Jew woman: LEAKED

Kanye West sparks controversy again.

Kanye West is facing backlash for rapping about a sexual encounter with a Jewish woman after one year of Adidas breaking off its partnership with him over several anti-Semitic remarks.

In a leaked song snippet surfaced online, the singer can be seen working on a new album with Ty Dolla $ign in Saudi Arabia. He raps, I just f**ked a Jewish bi**h, followed by questioning, How can I be anti-Semitic?

Shortly after his diagnosis of bipolar disorder was made public last year, Kanye had outbursts of wishing death on Jews.

He later told Piers Morgan that his statement was only meant for people who had exploited him, to which Morgan argued by replying that it was still “as racist as anything you’ve been through.”

Another interview with Alex Jones featured Kanye complimenting Hitler for his ‘redeeming qualities,’ then denying the Holocaust altogether. 

After this, he had disappeared from the public eye until coming into sight with a newly married wife named Bianca Censori.

Commentators have said that he is now using a recent intercourse experience with a Jewish lady to dismiss his previously sparked anti-Semitic controversies, which further propagates his troubling behavior.

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