Megan Fox offers relationship insights in poetry book: ‘Love isn’t always pretty, It’s battle’

Megan Fox is sharing unfiltered relationship insights in light of her whirlwind romance with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. 

As she gears up to release her forthcoming poetry book titled Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, Fox, who’s been in an on-and-off relationship with MGK since 2020, delves into the complex dynamics of love. 

She doesn’t sugarcoat it – she acknowledges that relationships can get ‘ugly’ and at times feel like a ‘war zone.’ 

However, she firmly believes that these tumultuous experiences can ultimately lead to personal growth and the evolution of a ‘stronger version of yourself.’

Discussing her upcoming book, set for release on November 7, Fox shared her creative process with People magazine. 

She revealed that the book draws inspiration from various sources, blending literal and allegorical elements. 

Some of the poems contain a Grimm’s-fairy-tale-like essence, while others capture the essence of memes in online culture. 

But most importantly, Fox emphasized that her work is relatable for women, providing a space for self-expression that acting doesn’t always offer.

In her own words, Megan Fox laid it bare: “For most of us, it’s not a fairy tale. Relationships are not pretty. 

“They are ugly. Sometimes they are a war. But through a wound enters an opportunity to grow and become a stronger, more whole version of yourself.” 

In this revealing passage, she poignantly penned, “you are an addiction that no amount of prayers will ever cure.” 

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