Meghan Markle decides to end feud with royal family

Meghan Markle wants to test peace chances with Prince Harry’s royal relatives

Meghan Markle has seemingly made her mind to repair her fractured relationship with the royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex has reportedly decided to test peace chances with her husband Prince Harry’s royal relatives to rebuild her reputation among her American and British fans, according to a new report.

Prince Harry’s wife has understood that reconciling with the King and the royal family may help boost her popularity.

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Prince Archie and Princess of Lilibet’s mother may use her friends and some other trustworthy sources to test whether she can broker a peace deal with the the monarch amid their ongoing rift and crises with the royal family. Because of their pride and the public fallout, the Sussex won’t want to reach out personally.

It comes amid reports that the US-based couple have so far failed to win Americans and Britons with their repeated narratives about the royal family.

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Some royal commentators believe that Meghan and Harry’s popularity will improve if they make peace with the monarchy to show that they’re not always fighting.

Meghan, who dominated a Hollywood event in Los Angeles on Thursday night, “will also not stop Harry to make efforts to ease tensions with his royal relatives,” added the source.

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