When is BLACKPINK disbanding? Inside girl group’s future plans

BLACKPINK has caused a flurry of speculation after it was reported that the girl group was gearing up to go their separate ways.

With reports suggesting that some members of the quartet were not willing to continue under their label, YG Entertainment, questions began circulating over when the group may disband.

At the time BLACKPINK members signed with their label, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé agreed to a seven-year contract in 2016.

As per their agreement, their contract is set to expire towards the end of 2023.

This of course, raises questions over their career as a group and unless the women agree to a new contract, they will effectively begin their solo careers.

However, there remains hope as Sports Seoul reported that the band may be looking towards a more flexible contract, one which allows them to pursue their solo endeavors whilst honouring their commitments as a group.

The publication reported that the singers were in “last-minute discussions” in a bid to craft a “separate yet together strategy” in which they have the option to sign with other labels. 

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